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Tank Services

Tank services and inspection to match your system’s needs.

From design to installation and repairs, Wagner Enterprise has become a reliable source for tank services and inspection over the last 30 years. We provide a full range of services for all fiberglass, steel and lined tanks.


Repairs include:

  • Removal & installation of flanges for all mentioned tank types.
  • Removal & installation of manways for all mentioned tank types.
  • Repair, strip & reline of damaged lining section.
  • Repair damaged interior and exterior of fiberglass tanks.
  • Reline existing fiberglass tank if inspected and structurally sound.
Inspection techniques include:

  • Visual inspection of the exterior and interior of fiberglass tank.
  • Tank wall cutout (if required) on fiberglass tank to inspect entire laminate of the vessel.
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing of carbon and stainless steel tanks, which allow you to compare the actual thickness versus the thickness as originally built.
  • Spark or sponge testing of existing lining.
  • Visual inspection of welds on all polypropylene, PE and steel tanks.
  • Onsite professional engineer who will certify your tank installation as required.
  • After inspection of your tank, you will receive a letter stating the results and our recommendation on any repairs or future inspections that may be required.
PE Stamping & Certifications
Professional Engineer (PE) available for approval upon request. Wagner Enterprise can provide a PE stamp on all tanks provided in order to meet the specified requirements for the defined application. We can stamp all metal and fiberglass tanks.

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