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Tank Lining and Coating

Tank lining and coating options for every project.

Immersion and secondary containment linings and coatings for corrosion resistance.

Selecting the appropriate lining or coating for the given application is crucial to enhance its life expectancy. Using our 30+ years of experience in the corrosion resistance industry, Wagner Enterprise will specify the correct tank lining system to be used for your project. We’ll also provide you with options for good, better and best alternative products in regards to cost saving.

The installation of these materials is equally as important. We provide three competitive installers with at least five years of proven experience in any location throughout the world.

Ceilcote is a worldwide producer of lining and coating materials. Wagner Enterprise has been a Ceilcote representative and distributor since the company was first established in 1982.

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Vinyl Ester
tank lining options from wagner enterpriseThis material is available in thin-mil and high-build spray-applied options. Single coats are offered in a range of six to 40 mils.

Vinyl ester is excellent for high-corrosion service, including acid resistance and high-temperature applications. Options for abrasion resistant and Low Surface Energy (LSE) coatings are also available.

This material is available in thin-mil and high-build spray-applied options. Single coats are offered in a rage of six to 40 mils.

Epoxy’s excellent bond strength allows for application on unprepared surfaces and those that are more difficult to prepare. It is resistant to most basic solutions, such as sodium hydroxide and extremely diluted acids.

Novalac epoxy is predominately used for sulfuric acid storage and secondary containment of sulfuric acid (0%-98% concentration).

Low Surface Energy (LSE) coatings are also available.

This material is predominately used for color retention and exterior coatings of tanks over an epoxy base coat. Urethane provides an excellent level of UV protection.
Glass Mat Reinforced Lining
Excellent for secondary containment and immersion service tank lining. Glass mat reinforcement allows for higher structural integrity, increased temperature limitations, longer service life, and provides an extra layer(s) of corrosion resistance between the substrate and top coat.

Glass mat reinforced linings also have crack bridging capabilities on concrete. All of Ceilcote’s glass mat reinforced linings have a trowel-applied base coat for increased permeation resistance, in comparison to thin-mil coatings. They also absorb deviations in the coefficients of expansion and contraction between the substrate and the mat reinforcement.

Grout options are available in epoxy and acid-resistant polyester. Its strong bond and sheer resistance allows for extremely high compression with very little creep for industrial applications, such as setting large compressors, generators, pump bases and stamping equipment.

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