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Are you a manufacturer of these products?
We manufacture, represent and distribute these products.
What capacity of tank can you handle?
We can handle tanks anywhere from 5 to 1,000,000 gallons.
Can you place liquid storage tanks on load cells?
Yes. The base plate provided by the storage tank is often difficult to adapt to the load cell mounting plate. Wagner Enterprise can provide the adapter plate, and base plate on the storage tank to accommodate the load cell.
Will you install the lining for the liquid storage tank?
Yes. We can offer turn-key installations of all your storage tank and lining requirements. We can also provide installers with at least 5 years experience for any lining or coating.
Can you offer products and installation for linings and coatings in other areas of the United States and other parts of the world?
Yes. We are involved in a worldwide network that can provide material, as well as recommend proper installers, throughout the world. We can put your bid-list together, including specifications on all linings and coatings.
What types of tank lining do you handle?
We can offer epoxy and vinylester coatings (flakeline series), glass reinforced, as well as rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, kynar, teflon, and tefzel.
What construction materials can we choose from for the shaft and impeller?
Shafts and impellers can be fabricated from carbon and stainless steel, hastelloy, alloy 20, and can also be lined with rubber, teflon, as well as any of our mat reinforced fiberglass Ceilcote linings.
What type of horsepower for mixers do you offer?
We offer mixers that range from 1/3 to 100 horsepower.
Do you handle the design and verify the results of a filter press?
Yes. We will test five gallons of preprocessed material and verify the necessary steps before filtration at no cost to the customer. We will then design and size an appropriate filterpress for your application given flow rate and solids capacity.
Will you make fiberglass platforms and walkways between liquid storage tanks?
Per OSHA standards, we will manufacture custom platforms between tanks to allow an inspection of all vessels without climbing multiple ladders.
How can you verify the compatibility of chemicals?
We work directly with Ashland-DOW, who has been testing and verifying chemical compatibilities since the 1950s. For custom applications, we use our 35-plus years of experience to define the appropriate material for your product. We can even offer product testing before implementation if needed.
Do you have any warrantee?
All products are warranted for a minimum of 1 year when an application is defined. Warrantees can range from 1-5 years based on the application.
What is the life expectancy of a tank for its use?
We can often give you parameters of the life expectancy of a tank/mixer/lining based on corrosivity, temperature, and pressure—indoors or outdoors. Please contact one of our experienced representatives for specific details.
What is expected lead time?
Lead times vary by product. Liquid storage tanks generally range from 8-12 weeks after approval drawings have been released. Mixers range from in-stock to 6 weeks. Lining installations, tank modifications and repairs tend to vary based on availability.
We've always used rubber linings, why would you recommend a Ceilcote lining?
Although rubber linings have been an acceptable solution for containing highly corrosive materials, the adhesive used to bond the rubber to the substrate has no chemical resistance. Once the rubber has been compromised, the failure point is often hard to determine, as undercutting will occur, causing the failure to spread. Our glass-reinforced linings include the same chemical resistance from the primer throughout the laminate. The bond strength and the permeation data is far superior to rubber linings due to the laminate layers, and is much easier to repair if corrosion does occur.
How do you adapt a mixer to a liquid storage tank?
We can provide portable clamp mount, rail mount, and flange mounted mixers to a tank that we have designed to accommodate the same setup. We will design this as needed.
Will you rig and install the liquid storage tanks?
Upon request, we can provide turn-key installations of dikes, linings and all rigging of any storage tank that you will require.


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