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Custom Fiberglass Fabrication

Custom fiberglass installation and modification to your existing storage system.

Our in-house fabricators have a combined 100+ years of experience of custom fiberglass installation. Wagner Enterprise offers custom pipe, duct, and tank fabrication and installation at your site. We will also modify any existing components. These custom-made components include, but are not limited to, manways, internal baffles, all types of supports, and fiberglass, polypropylene and plastic flanges.

All installations are conducted following ASTM standards, and our entire fabrication and modification staff is confined-space certified. Let our certified professionals visit your site to perform the exact modifications your project needs.

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Custom fiberglass installation and modification-1All items can be produced from any resin, pressure and size requirements. Fiberglass stair, ladder and rail assemblies, as well as pipe and duct work are also available.


Polyethylene and Polypropylene


Custom fiberglass installation and modification-2These materials come at a very affordable price and are delivered quickly. 
Available products to be produced from these materials include custom tank lids and caps.



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