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Back in 1982, shopping for a storage tank supplier and manufacturer was like finding a needle in a tanker truck.

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That’s where we come in.

Wagner Enterprise was founded by Mark Wagner more than 30 years ago. Mark set out to offer a one-stop shopping experience for every type, material and configuration of liquid storage tank and mixer. Instead of skipping from supplier to supplier, Wagner Enterprise is a storage tank and mixer supplier that provides the know-how to properly match businesses with the tank and mixer they need.

After graduating in 1977 from Toledo University with a business and entrepreneurship degree, Mark began working for a small company supplying corrosion resistant secondary containment lining and coating systems. Often, Mark would get calls for storage tanks that were typically set around the coating systems he was supplying. Over time, Mark found that it was difficult to find a supplier that knew the chemical storage industry well enough to offer a proper solution to the projects that he was getting inquiries for.

 After getting a firm grasp on the chemical industry, Mark decided to start Wagner Enterprise Inc. to help fit the storage needs of his customers. In the mid to late 1980’s most chemicals were being stored in high density linear totes. As these totes became more and more common, and as the technology for higher capacity containment systems became more advanced, Mark pivoted the direction of Wagner Enterprise to start supplying bulk containment fiberglass storage tanks through Belding Tank Technologies.

Although fiberglass is a very versatile material of construction, it cannot fit all needs. This is why Wagner started investing time into learning about storing products in steel and plastic materials of construction (MOC). Overtime, Mark became well versed in the pros and cons of all MOCs and was able to help the customer choose what was right for their application.

Eventually, Wagner partnered with Brawn Mixer to accommodate all mixing applications. The Brawn mixers were treated with the same importance as the tanks being supplied. Overtime Mark was able to understand the proper mixer required given the physical properties of the solution.

The story above set the foundation for what Wagner Enterprise has become today. We are driven to understand all variables about the products we are storing and blending, and more importantly, about the products we supply. We use our knowledge to meet your needs.

We do not have a prerogative, all we care about is making sure you get a product that meets your budget, gives you the longest lifespan possible, is safe to work with, and requires the least amount of maintenance during the lifespan of the product. With our product knowledge of the storage tanks and mixers we supply, we are able to provide a turn-key solution that we are confident will work.

As you work with Wagner Enterprise, you will learn we make sure to understand all variables about your application and respond quickly and accurately to any questions or comments you have.

Charts, graphs and stats can only define tank compatibility so much. It takes true industry knowledge and experience to design a tank that properly matches its application. Without the right tank design, safety measures, and security of your liquids, your tank and business as a whole are at risk.

Our Team

Wagner Enterprise has years of experience, industry expertise and an invaluable team. Each and every team member offers their distinct knowledge to match you with the proper tank to fit your needs.

  • Mark Wagner

    Mark Wagner


    Between forming Wagner Enterprises and graduating from Toledo University with a bachelor’s degree in business, Mark started the division that handled the first rotationally molded polyethylene tanks. In 1982, Mark founded Wagner Enterprise. Over the years, he has used his chemical storage and processing expertise to lead the company in becoming the leading nation-wide supplier it is today.

  • Bryan Wagner

    Bryan Wagner

    Outside Sales

    After graduating from Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering, Bryan opted to work away from the family business to develop his knowledge of sales. After working for 2 years at an optics company, selling high-grade 3D microscopes that specialized in roughness applications, Bryan joined Wagner Enterprise to continue expanding the family business. Operating as an outside sales representative, Bryan uses his strong mechanical background to provide a more technical view into Wagner Enterprise.

  • Jeremy Brogan

    Jeremy Brogan

    Outside Sales

    Upon graduating from Mount Union College, Jeremy headed the sales and operations for Precision Industrial Coatings, Inc. for nearly 20 years. He specialized in the application and installations of high-performance coatings and linings for a wide array of industries.  During this time, Jeremy was able to implement solutions to the challenges posed at hundreds of facilities. Jeremy brings his corrosion expertise to Wagner Enterprise, where he will continue to provide solutions to customers in Ohio.

  • Michael Mastracci

    Michael Mastracci

    Outside Sales

    After graduating from Michigan State University in Construction Management Michael worked as a project Manager and estimator in the mechanical contracting industry for 15 years.  Michael ran a multitude of different size mechanical projects in many different fields of construction. Michael uses his field construction expertise and understanding of liquid processes to Wagner Enterprise to provide a unique insight into product solutions.

  • Gina Spampinato

    Gina Spampinato

    Inside Sales

    At Wagner, Gina is responsible for handling the majority of business operations and inside sales. She earned her bachelor’s degree in finance from Western Michigan University, and her master’s degree in business administration from Walsh College. The combination of Gina’s education, extensive engineering design and chemical industry knowledge, she continuously prepares Wagner Enterprise customers for success.

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